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Reliable and friction-free operations together with a service provider you can trust


Safety always comes first, its an active collaboration between customers and contractors, colleague to colleague, person to person.

Skills and expertise a logical extention of your team

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) we can provide expertise on machinery and equipment which cannot be found in your organization or from other local or specialized contractors.

Collaboration, planning, management and execution

We plan, execute, manage and develop maintenance activities and plans according to your needs, such as annual shutdowns, maintenance shutdowns, daily maintenance, audits, inspection and remote services etc. 

Longterm success – reaching business objective targets

Our experts understand the client’s business objective – not just the machinery

In field services, this translates to understanding maintenance and productivity expectations and obligations – even KPIs – as well as providing a wide range of service options. From execution and leading entire on-site teams to maintenance management and planning, such as concrete maintenance strategies and planning, maintenance plans, annual shutdowns and shutdown plans. To best support you with long term business objectives we believe in continuous plant development and collaboration to work on common maintenance strategies and planning.

Maintenance efficiency

Availability & production targets

Cost efficiency & savings

We aim to be the frontrunner in fields services


the target always being zero accidents & failures


field services professionals around the global


planned shutdowns every year

Meet our experts

We have a team of 1000+ skilled and experienced process expert, inspectors, auditors, welders and technicians. We offer you local maintenance and expert services, access to global process know-how and technology through over 120 Service Centers on five continents and remotely via our Performance Centers.

Safety always comes first – with Kjell-Åke Eljanskog

We work in an environment with corrosive media, high temperatures and high pressures, if we can´t work in a safe in way we simply do not do it.

Pre-planning and security checks – with Dennis Sjöblom

The shutdown work start together with our customers already before we arrive to site. We have pre-planning meetings, when at site we have meetings and security checks and make sure we have everything in place to be ready to go, before we start we make sure the machine is locked out.

Shutdown management – with Christina Edwardsson

In the months leading up to an outage we work really closely together with the customers on the scope, site management, planning and safety.

Expertise and skills – with Mikael Olsson

Our teams exists of highly skilled and experiences professionals, they have the right certificates and skills needed for the work.

Collaboration and teamwork – with Richard Burlin

Involvement is key to engagement, common preparations leads to effective and safe work by the team at site.

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Whether it’s a single process audit, equipment maintenance, shutdown management or full maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact us for guidance.

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Our field services offering

  • Daily maintenance, maintenance and process supporting services on-site and remotely
  • Annual shutdowns and shutdown planning
  • We plan, manage and execute maintenance shutdowns
  • Deliver spares, reconditioning and upgrade recommendations

to maximize reliability and optimize performance – both in the short and the long term – on site and remotely

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Reference videos and articles

Södra Cell Mönsterås in Sweden is one of the world’s most modern and high-tech pulp mills with an annual capacity of 750,000 tonnes of pine and hardwood pulp. Every 24th month the full factory comes to a planned shutdown. Everything stops. About 1,000 additional experts enter the site and perform maintenance. The team at site are working against the clock.

Many say that the recovery boiler is the heart of the pulp mill – if the boiler shuts down, the full production line shuts down.

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The experts

What does it take to be a Valmet Field Services professional? Alberto shares his responsibilities and challenges as a Field Services Engineer specializing in dryer and Yankee cylinder inspections and roll maintenance.

Annual shutdown

Klabin’s Monte Alegre paper mill continued their successful nine-year annual maintenance shutdown cooperation in 2019. The shared values of safety, sustainability, quality and respect for others have taken Klabin and Valmet a long way forward.

Remote services

AR glasses assisted onsite technicians during the maintenance in CMPC’s Line 2. The equipment enabled a detailed analysis from Valmet specialists without the need of their local presence. The virtual tool provided professionals with more security and assertiveness in the maintenance process and shutdown planning and execution for digestor, bleaching and dryer sections for CMPC

Close to you

Meet Wichetch Ketkaew, Head of Valmet Field Services in South East Asia region. Find out what motivates him in his work, his experience serving customers and how he manages a global standard team.

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