Mechanical pulping

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The course gives you an introduction to mechanical pulping and describes how the fibers are separated during the refining process.

Training type: Online

Duration: 3 hrs

Location: Online

Description: Mekaniska massor framställs genom att veden sönderdelas och de frilagda fibrerna bearbetas mekaniskt. Den här kursen ger en introduktion till den mekaniska massalinjen.

Objective: An introduction that describes a typical CTMP line, where pulp is produced by dividing wood into pieces to expose the grains which then are further worked up mechanically. After the course, the participant should have basic knowledge in mechanical pulping and the included equipment.

Audience: Operatörer och underhållspersonal

Pre-requisites: Grundläggande kunskaper i massa- och papperstillverkning.

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