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APRIL Kerinci PM3

APRIL's new OptiConcept M fine paper machine

APRIL started up their new OptiConcept M fine paper production line in Pangkalan Kerinci site in Riau Province in Indonesia in 2016. The PM3 is the first Valmet OptiConcept M line designed for fine paper production.

The investment target was to meet the growing global demand for premium PaperOne products, APRIL's flagship paper brand and enable new product diversification in response to consumer demand for high-value digital paper products in Indonesia.

Energy-wise, PM3 is very efficient. We have 25% fewer process pumps and 30% fewer tanks. The electricity consumption of the refining technology is 50% lower and the modern hood consumes half as much electricity as a traditional hood.

      Mika Viertola, Senior Production Manager


Our company’s motto is ‘quality, productivity and cost.’ To stay competitive, we need a quality-driven mindset. If you establish very standardized best quality, then productivity and cost efficiency will follow.

      Eduward Ginting, Deputy Operation Mill Director

PM3 machine layout



PaperOne premium office papers

Basis weight  

  40-140 g/m²

Wire width    

  7 100 mm

Design speed   

  1 400 m/min

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