OptiFormer Hybrid with shoe and blade technology

Innovative top forming unit boosts dewatering

Valmet's proven solution for hybrid forming is OptiFormer Hybrid, a former equipped with shoe and blade technology. OptiFormer Hybrid utilizes unique VacuShoe technology to boost the output quality and capacity of new and rebuilt paper and board machines over a broad range of machine speeds and basis weights.

Easy operation within a wide operating window

Superior and controllable dewatering

Improved paper quality, especially the formation

Potential for fiber cost savings

High drainage capacity and forming section runnability

VacuShoe is a curved vacuum-assisted dewatering element that is mounted on the top side of the sheet. With VacuShoe technology, paper can be produced at greater speeds without running into drainage capacity limits. The water removal capacity of VacuShoe facilitates the use of lower headbox and top former inlet consistencies than earlier hybrid former solutions.

OptiFormer Hybrid with shoe and blade forming section allows machine speeds to be increased past the speed limits of conventional top former units. Good controllability, together with the ability to use a shorter forming table, also improves the runnability of the former.

Hybrid former - OptiFormer Hybrid with shoe and blade

OptiFormer Hybrid with shoe and blade technology was previously known as ValFormer.

OptiFormer Hybrid shoe blade forming technology has been applied with excellent results also in Fourdrinier rebuilds. An OptiFormer Hybrid rebuild can greatly increase output and end-product quality, and there is also great potential for fiber cost savings. This kind of rebuild offers a way to improve both capacity and quality, resulting in shorter payback time, for both paper and board machines.

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See the shoe and blade technology in action

The video displays the shoe and blade technology in Valmet forming sections with both paper and packaging grade applications. In addition, we show multiple different forming section layout options where shoe and blade technology has been used.

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