Pilot trials for improved board and paper finishing

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Want to create lighter packaging or improve quality and printability?

Is creating lighter end products that meet strength and durability targets your priority? Or are you aiming for superior surface characteristics for a standout print result?

In either case, Valmet Paper Technology Center in Järvenpää provides the world's most comprehensive offering of finishing testing and piloting services to paper and board manufacturers worldwide.

To ensure that your targets really become a reality, Valmet's pilot testing facilities can run tests on a set-up that mirrors your production process, or alternatively the type of configuration you are looking to set up. We are ready to join efforts with your R&D team in order to create new and innovative board and paper products that sustain your competitive advantage and support the demands of papermaking today and tomorrow.


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Examples of innovations you can test at Technology Center

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At Valmet, we help paper and board makers to reach their targets, whether it is

more cost-efficient production or improved end product convertability or printability. Check the brochure and