OptiSizer Film

Functional and innovative film application

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OptiSizer Film and its functional and innovative design provides excellent runnability. The design of OptiSizer Film has evolved for simple and reliable solutions resulting in easy operation and installation and fast initial start-up, which also makes it the perfect choice for rebuild projects. Multiple production and speed world records set on a number of production lines serve as the best evidence of OptiSizer Film’s capabilities.

High quality sizing

Steep start-up curve

Easy maintenance and operation

High process know-how and many references

A thin film of size or coating color is applied to the surface of an applicator roll. Simultaneous application on both sides of the sheet also saves space, which provides a competitive advantage in the case of high-capacity investments. The film is transferred to both sides of the paper sheet in a nip formed between two transfer rolls. 

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Want to talk to our sizing experts?

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High quality sizing and raw material savings

Valmet's advanced film application method uses a unique, patented perforated sealing blade to minimize feed and return flow and for low circulating volumes. It eliminates harmful flow disturbances and air entrainment even at high speeds, and the flexible sealing blade tolerates well wrap breaks and is easy to change. This leads directly to high quality sizing. 

Film sizing offers raw material savings potential due to increased z-strength and stiffness. It applies a starch layer that also binds the surface and fills pores, improving the holdout of coating color. The film application method means that the starch applied contains less water compared to pond sizing, helping to minimize the swelling of fiber flocks in the middle ply.

Film sizing also flattens the surface topography before coating. This, combined with better coating holdout, enables reduced of coat weight and lessens the need for calendering.

High-quality components are keys to excellent CD profiles. The composite structure of the application beam means that:

  • Coefficient of heat expansion is low
  • There is no need for water circulation
  • There is no need for maintenance
  • And, the temperature variations of the color or size have no effect on beam straightness


Wide application area.png

Wide application area

Steep start-up curve

Steep start-up curve is a must for each project from a smaller improvement toa complete line installation. Full workshop pretesting is one of the key elements to make sure that everything is in order when the start-up takes place. Valmets sizers are fully equipped and easy to operate. You will have a professional Valmet team to support you all the way.

Easy maintenance and operation

Valmet's sizers are easy to operate. The nip loads are precise and sizer application beam is easy to adjust. The controls are very versatile to fulfill all the requirements set for sizing.


Process know-how & references

As for all Valmet's projects, you will have an experienced project personnel from Valmet to support your investment project. You will also get sizing process optimization support from Valmet. 

Valmet's deep knowledge about projects and paper machine processes come from the numerous deliveries and references.

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