Recovery boiler safety

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Presents risks and preventive security actions in Recovery boilers.

Training type: Online

Duration: 6 hrs

Location: Online

Description: The Recovery boiler is a pressure vessel that reaches high temperatures at high pressure and contains hazardous substances and gases. Having the correct knowledge about the risks and safe operation, the Recovery boiler can be operated with minimum risk. The course presents risks and preventive security actions in Recovery boilers. The content is divided into four main sections: 1. Causes of risks: Learn about which factors, behaviors and activities that lead to increased risk in the RB house. 2. Personal hazards: Describes potential personal hazards in the Recovery boiler. Reminds of what personal equipment to wear, how to work safety in different risk situations. 3. Risk items: Indicates the equipment, situations, environments, handling, systems and different substances in the RB house which present risks. 4. Prevention tools for a safe working environment: General part, Chemicals and process gases, Operational situations, Important documents, Common protections, Fire and explosion protection.

Objective: After this course you should know the risks and preventive security actions in Recovery boilers. You will learn how to perform a safe and correct operation in a complicated and sometime hazardous environment.

Audience: Recovery boiler operators and maintenance personnel.

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge in pulp and power plants and preferably a technical education is recommended.

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