Benefits – what we offer

We understand that the right benefits can be an important factor when choosing an employer. Valmet offers a variety of local benefits for our employees. The benefits offered vary based on location, role and type of employment, so be sure to ask about the benefits available to you when you apply. Below are some of the benefits we offer:



Flexible work arrangements

Finding the right balance between work and life sometimes requires having flexibility with where and when we work. Valmet has multiple options to accommodate different needs, such as flexible work hours, hybrid work schedules, and part-time work opportunities. Available options vary by location and type of employment. Be sure to ask about the options available.



Health and wellness opportunities

Our people are our most valuable asset and keeping them safe and healthy is a top priority. At Valmet we offer a variety of wellness opportunities, ranging from on-site fitness facilities, group stretching and classes in some locations to company health services, fitness reimbursement and wellness education opportunities in others. Employees have access to an online tool and App that helps build time into the day for guided exercise, stress or relaxation breaks. 



Local culture and activities

We encourage locations to host social events and coordinate activities that build engagement and collaboration among employees, as well as promote wellbeing at work. Many locations have designated social committees who organize social events which may include winter holiday or summer kick-off events, celebrations or “get-togethers” to mark key milestones, group sports activities or programs, virtual wellness seminars and family events. Our larger locations and our more active smaller locations sometimes have local hobby clubs or fitness groups that employees can take part in as well.



Support across life’s phases and stages

We recognize that people’s needs, and preferences change at different points in their careers and at different stages of their lives. Where possible we try to cater to those needs through flexible work opportunities, retirement plans, parental leaves and breastfeeding facilities, as well as opportunities for career growth, international work experience, and internal mobility. We work to support you wherever you are in your career.


Be sure to ask about these and other benefits available to you when you apply. Check out our open positions and send your job application!