High-performance oxygen delignification


Valmet Oxygen Delignification system removes lignin with excellent efficiency. It is the ideal oxygen delignification stage and a great asset for pulp mills. Up to 65-70% of the remaining lignin after cooking is removed. This result remains unchallenged. The secret lies in the carefully optimized conditions.

Substantial reduction of effluent load

Delignification with Valmet Oxygen Delignification results in a low kappa number of the pulp entering the bleach plant. This enables a substantial reduction of the consumption of chemicals.

Other objectives of extending the delignification are to reach a higher brightness of bleached pulp and to facilitate bleach plant closure. A higher yield of bleached pulp is obtained if an extended delignification by oxygen replaces a part of the residual delignification by cooking.

Advantages of Valmet Oxygen Delignification

  • Removes lignin with excellent efficiency
  • Substantial reduction of the consumption of chemicals in the bleach plant
  • A flexible solution: Valmet Oxygen Delignification suits the production of hardwood pulps as well as the production of softwood pulps. It involves one or two reaction stages.
  • Process variables such as pulp consistency, temperature and reaction time, are optimized to achieve optimal delignification. Valmet Oxygen Delignification is customized to meet every pulp mill's unique needs.
Our expertise is at your service

Our expertise is at your service

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