Belts for feeders, ironers and stackers

Ironing belts/ribbons for heated roll ironers

Our special polyester/Meta Aramid needled felt belt has a very smooth surface, which gives a non-marking finishing to the linen, associated to higher air permeability, which increases the output of the ironer.

The ironing belt is composed of needled felt with a heavy-duty polyester fabric scrim and polyester fiber on one side and Meta Aramid fiber on the heated roll side for working temperature of max. 200ºC.


  • High resistance to abrasion
  • High breaking strength
  • High air permeability, allowing the belt to run dryer, and increasing the output of the ironer.
  • Our ironing belt has a soft felt surface giving a smooth high quality finish to the linen.

Supplied in rolls of +/- 50 m of desired width or as ready-made belts.

Ready-made belts are supplied with stainless steel hooks, reinforced fabrics on both ends, Meta Aramid flap to cover the hooks and red corrugated pin to join.

Most of the world’s laundry machine manufacturers are equipping their machines with Valmet’s ironing belts (earlier called Fanafel’s ironing belts).

Cotton and synthetic belts for folders and stackers

Our extensive range of cotton belts includes top cotton belts with 2 red or 2 blue lines in several widths, extra strong cotton belts with polyester reinforcement on the edges, antistatic cotton belts and cotton elastomer belts. Supplied in rolls of +/- 100 m or as ready-made belts. We also supply cotton rubber belts and cotton elastic belts in rolls of +/- 50 m or as ready-made belts.

For folders and stackers we have also an extensive selection of synthetic (polyester, polyvinylchloride, polyamide, polyurethane, etc.) belts.

Roll covers for tracking and pressure rolls

The tracking roll of the belts on feeders, folders and stackers is mostly covered or coated to provide more grip to the belt on the roll. Also for heated roll ironers we supply multiple advanced technical solutions to cover the pressure roll.

Super grip cover for tracking roll

Super adherent belt of needled felt for a superb grip and auto-adhesive on the other side to wrap in spiral on the tracking roll of the ironer, feeder or stacker. Supplied in rolls of +/- 50 m in 50 mm of width.                 

Orange cover for tracking roll

Strong adherent synthetic rubber cover with corrugated surface on one side for a superb grip and auto-adhesive on the other side to wrap in spiral on the tracking roll of the ironer, feeder or stacker. Supplied in rolls of +/- 50 m in 50 mm of width. 

Covering for ironer pressure roll

Needled felt cover to be glued in spiral on the pressure roll of the heated roll ironer. These roll covers can be in 100% polyester, 100% Meta Aramid or polyester/Meta Aramid and are used by most of the original equipment manufacturers. Please consult us case by case in order to offer you the best solution to cover the ironer pressure roll.


Complementary products for belts

In order to support our customers to make ready-made belts locally, we supply belt cutting devices and belt tensioning devices, hooks and vice lacers, and pins to join the hooks.

We also have solutions for crowning tape to be applied on the roll under the belts of the feeder or folder to provide guidance to the belts and to prevent the belts from brushing against the separators, which are mounted between the belts.