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Improving strength and surface properties

Valmet OptiSizer size press

Valmet’s sizer product family offers all application methods and all paper machine sizes available - spray, film and pond application and a new types of a sizer with hard nip rolls and curtain sizing. All sizers have a robust and modular construction combined with high functionality and quality with a low total cost of ownership. In surface sizing or size application, starch, or other types of size or pigmented size, is applied to the paper web surface to improve its strength, surface properties or water resistance. Sizing is often used to modify surface properties before coating.

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Get to know our two sizing section product families: OptiSizer sizing sections and IntelliSizer sizing sections. Click on the links below to read and find out more on our sizing solutions.

Valmet’s sizers feature smart construction

You can rely on Valmet's sizing solutions, which are proven and safe. The sizers have excellent reliability; they need less maintenance and there are less unexpected shutdowns.

When you are purchasing a new sizer, the scope of delivery will be clear and the solution will be flexible for auxiliary or optional choices. The design is done for easy upgrades when needed.

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Want to talk to our sizing experts?

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