Process upgrades for energy producers

Improved capacity with process upgrades for energy producers

Process upgrades for energy producers

  How to maintain the competitiveness of your core processes and to develop them throughout the lifecycle? We provide a wide range of solutions for upgrading and enhancing processes and machinery. The scope is always based on your specific needs and the solutions are tailored to maximize the performance of the processes. This can be a cost-effective way to improve capacity, reduce emissions or extend the lifetime of your equipment. As a leading technology expert in energy, we have extensive expertise and experience. This knowledge is incorporated in all our products, giving us exceptional insight into all aspects of upgrading processes and equipment.

Small investments to remove bottlenecks 

With small or mid-size investments production bottlenecks can be opened or extend the original process design limitations. Typical process upgrade building blocks are design engineering, new components, rebuild and upgrades and process controls and efficient commissioning and start-up service.  

Fuel and combustion management for energy 

Use low-priced fuels without increasing the risk of superheater corrosion with Valmet Superheater KCl Corrosion Management and reduce your yearly fuel costs. Alkali chloride induced corrosion is one of the major risks and reason for superheater maintenance needs in biomass and recovered fuel firing boilers in power generation industry. The corrosion rate can be very high and may cause non-predictable failures and immediate need for shutdown. 

The solution provides tools to control the risk of alkalichloride induced superheater corrosion, save in fuel costs, increase transparency in power plant’s daily fuel and combustion management and gives real time estimate of the remaining lifetime of the superheaters. 

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