Automation, flow control and filter fabrics for the mining, metals and steel industries

Driving mining, metals, and steel industries towards efficiency

Valmet is an established and trusted name in mining, metals and steel processing around the world. Our offering includes robust flow control solutions, filter fabrics, advanced process automation technologies and reliability services for valves and pumps. Our solutions are used by customers who extract, process and refine products that include steel, gold, nickel and copper, as well as materials like lithium and cobalt.

Decades of experience

Robust designs for harsh media

Expert maintenance and support

Reliable spares and wears

Reliable technology for demanding applications

Mining, minerals processing and steel all have demanding process conditions, including those commonly found in grinding, screening, cyclone separation, flotation, thickening, filtering and tailings applications. This means that it’s vital to choose equipment and supporting services that can guarantee the continuity of your production process.

Valmet serves customers throughout the mining sector value chain, from upstream minerals processing to downstream metallurgy. Our flow control solutions are well-respected in the industry and they include Neles™, Jamesbury™ and Flowrox™ valves, and Flowrox pumps. A significant proportion of global metals production flows through our valves. 

Built-in condition monitoring

With the harsh media involved in mining, metals and steel applications, parts wear fast and need to be replaced regularly. This can make it difficult for operators to plan the best maintenance intervals and keep their equipment functioning reliably.
Valmet offers automation solutions that meet these needs. Valmet DNA gives you complete control of your process automation and flow control equipment. It includes built-in condition monitoring and information management systems, which provide detailed insights into your operations, and help you to predict maintenance and spare part needs. 

Reliability services

Most costs during the equipment life cycle come from maintenance and spare parts, as well as any downtime and process interruptions. Because mines are usually located in remote locations, it’s essential that there are no surprises. 

At Valmet, we are experts in maintenance planning and optimizing service cycles. Our global service network provides services for valves, pumps and automation solutions to ensure continued operations and process reliability, and a rapid, reliable supply of spare parts.