Technologies, automation, flow control and services for the water and wastewater industry

Sustainable solutions for water and wastewater management

Water and wastewater solutions

Valmet delivers flow control and automation solutions to customers in the water and wastewater industry, which help them to ensure reliability and safety, as well as enabling cost savings throughout their processes.

Municipal wastewater treatment process

Valmet offers industrial quality solutions for all wastewater treatment applications.

Municipal wastewater treatment process

Flow control

In the water and wastewater industry, processes run continuously, night and day, and they must be able to handle big peaks in capacity. Wastewater processes, in particular, have to be isolated and controlled to prevent leaks to the environment and surrounding waterways. In addition, the highly abrasive media and corrosive chemicals found in wastewater treatment demand heavy-duty pumps and valves that can withstand harsh conditions.

Valmet offers flow control solutions that can be customized to fit any application within the water and wastewater industry. Flowrox™ pumps are built to withstand the most demanding process applications and our industry-proven Flowrox and Neles Easyflow™ valves deliver safe and reliable performance, while protecting against clogging, reverse flow and slamming problems.

Solids measurements and automation systems for water treatment

Water treatment plants need continuous and accurate measurement of conditions in each of the water treatment stages, to optimize processes, minimize dozing of expensive chemicals, and to ensure the treated water meets the relevant environmental standards before discharge.

Valmet offers a range of automation solutions specifically intended for wastewater treatment plants. These include superior real-time solids measurement and control solutions for wastewater sludge treatment, and Valmet DNA for plant-wide control and monitoring of automated equipment and processes. 

World-wide services and support

Valmet is your partner for reliability and innovative solutions for water and wastewater treatment plants and other water transport applications. Valmet’s service professionals support customers around the world, helping them maintain continuous, cost-effective operations.