Data management and analytics for pulp mills

Control and optimization solutions for Valmet DNA distributed control system (DCS)

Seeking optimal pulp making performance, data management and analytics applications give chemical pulp mills the ultimate tool for achieving, maintaining, and sharpening their competitive edge.

Improved process management and profitability

Better understanding of production costs

Better known quality of production and less customer claims

In today’s pulp industry, the information and knowledge management is an important tool for operational excellence. Valmet has embedded its strong process know-how into advanced information management applications. The knowledge management tools offer outstanding opportunities for continuous improvement towards superior performance, collaborative customer service, and better profitability.

In addition to the applications prepared by Valmet specialist, we also offer efficient tools for process analysis and making of ad-hoc dashboards and reports.

Valmet DNA Bale Quality Management is an automated bale quality management solution. It identifies and classifies pulp units and links them to quality properties measured online and in the laboratory.

The Bale Quality Management solution automatically specifies the pulp grade and quality by comparing the actual values to predefined targets. It evaluates whether units and lots are prime quality, second quality, or reject quality pulp. This helps to reduce the workload of the laboratory staff. In some mills, the laboratory works only during the day shifts, whereas online measurement systems operate all the time.

The solution provides the necessary pulp quality and production reports, including lot reports, layboy reports, prime-percent production reports, calibration reports, and online quality reports. Reporting periods are shift, day, month, grade run, and user-selected time span.


  • Grade specifications
  • Quality classification Prima% of end production
  • Link to warehouse
  • Delivering pulp with the right properties to the right customers
  • Reducing variations in pulp quality by tracing the origins of process disturbances
  • Minimizing the production of second-rate and reject pulp
  • Improving efficiency via online quality classification
  • Maximizing the amount of prime quality pulp to maximize production profitability

Valmet DNA Laboratory Data System is a LIMS system designed for the needs of a pulp mill. The system provides web-based tools for managing laboratory data, comprehensive analysis reporting and comparison reports for following calibration needs of the analyzers. The analysis data can be automatically integrated with Valmet DNA Historian or it can be used as a stand-alone system.

The system also provides calendar for laboratory work planning and follow-up.