Machine Controls for Pulp, Board, Paper, Tissue

Machine Controls

Machine Control (MCS) for Pulp, Board, Paper, Tissue

Valmet DNA Machine Controls for pulp, board, paper, and tissue production lines provide a safe and secure way to run your machines. The machine controls enable faster start-up and more production time while minimizing unplanned shutdowns. As a part of the Valmet DNA automation system, all the needed control software, user interface, information management, and engineering configuration work efficiently in the same system. All applications utilize the Valmet DNAe User Interface, which is web-based, secure, and available for all the relevant people at your mill.

Machine controls that include also drive, quality, and safety controls

Safe and secure machine operations

Faster start-up

Optimal control of the machine

Safe and secure machine operations

Valmet DNA machine controls with integrated safety provide the optimal way to manage your machine. The controls comply with machine safety standards while enabling machine control from a safe location. The system’s support for the operator and remote support enable faster start-ups.

Faster start-ups

The structured Valmet DNAe User Interface makes operators’ work effortless by prioritizing information on different levels. Operators have access to functional descriptions to support them in day-to-day operations and non-frequent problem-solving situations. Visualized interlockings indicate reasons for disturbances and ease root-cause analysis. Clear interlock presentation assists with start-up procedures.

Valmet DNAe User Interface enables secure remote support in any situation that might occur.

All controls built-in

In addition to machine controls, the Valmet DNA Automation System has process controls, drive controls, quality controls, safety controls, and asset performance management with condition monitoring built into the same system. The role-based Valmet DNAe User Interface for all applications makes the operation and maintenance significantly easier. The right applications are available based on the user roles, enabling meaningful information for all user groups. Trends and event information is available in the same user interface and from all the applications.

Solid process know-how for optimal machine control

Valmet's machine controls are based on our solid process know-how and machine development expertise. Together with our industry-leading measurements and actuators, the foundation for machine control couldn't be any stronger.

Valmet DNA Distributed Control System has been developed to be the most scalable and future-proof automation system on the market. With the machine controls based on Valmet's know-how, we ensure the safe and reliable operation of your machine.