The essence of technology for the segment of small and medium-sized tissue machines



Proven crescent former technology combined with low media consumption places the IntelliTissue concept in the front line of small and medium sized Tissue machines.


IntelliTissue offers ultra-low steam and electricity consumption, while at the same time providing advanced technological solutions


Solutions offered by IntelliTissue platform (extra bulk & a high dryness after the press) allows to significantly increase the quality of the final product



InelliTissue technology allows to increase capacity and also reduces unnecessary costs.

High quality at optimal cost

IntelliTissue lines are the answer to producers who are aware of the world’s papermaking trends and see an opportunity to grow their business through increased capacity in a cost-efficient way.

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As all Valmet products the IntelliTissue concept is designed to ensure high quality products, and low media consumption. It doesn’t matter if you choose single layer or our double-layer headbox or an Advantage ViscoNip press. You can always rely on the performance.


IntelliTissue        1200

IntelliTissue 1400

IntelliTissue          1600

IntelliTissue 1800

Paper sheet width:

Up to

3600 mm

Up to

3600 mm

Up to

3600 mm

Up to

3600 mm

Design speed: 1200 m/min 1400 m/min 1600 m/min 1800 m/min
Yankee size: 12 feet 12 feet 16 feet 16-18 feet
Press roll: Suction roll Suction roll Suction roll Suction Roll/          Advantage ViscoNip press
Headbox: IntelliJet V  IntelliJet V  IntelliJet V  IntelliJet V
Capacity: Up to 61 tonnes/day Up to 76 tonnes/day Up to 89 tonnes/day Up to 98 tonnes/day

Valmet's offering for small and medium tissue machines

A full-scale Technology Center for pilot testing

A full-scale Technology Center for pilot testing

At Valmet Technology Center we can offer the opportunity to experiment and develop tissue products and processes without having to put your own production on hold. Follow the activities in the trials on site or remotely through live streaming cameras. Pilot trials are very cost-efficient compared to expensive tests in tissue maker's own production. Naturally we work under strict confidentiality.

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A dialogue with data to improve the performance

Valmet Industrial Internet offering covers an extensive range of solutions and applications for tissue mills in order to optimize the full scope of the production. The data driven applications and services support you throughout all the phases of the tissue machine’s lifecycle.

As a start we normally explore the potential of utilizing data through a data discovery process. Then we can evaluate what applications within production capacity, quality, energy efficiency and reliability, are beneficial for your operation. Further, our expertise is easily available for you through the Valmet Performance Centers (VPC). Our specialists have a deep understanding of machinery, processes and automation and with connections and tools, we can offer the needed remote support and guidance without delay from our 8 centers around the worlds.

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