Automation and flow control for the industrial gas industry

Innovative solutions for industrial gas applications

Valmet is a leading supplier of flow control solutions for industrial gas applications and 70% of the world’s industrial gases flow through Valmet valves. We also provide automation solutions for producing, purifying and handling industrial gas that help our customers maintain safe, efficient and profitable operations.

70% of industrial gases flow through Neles™ valves

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High-performance flow control solutions

Each industrial gas brings its own risks and challenges. Hydrogen is highly flammable, oxygen poses a fire and explosion risk, while ammonia is toxic and caustic. In addition, industrial gases like oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen are handled and stored under cryogenic conditions, while production processes like pressure swing adsorption involve rapid cycles and extreme temperature changes, which places great stress on valves. This means that valve design and the choice of materials is exceptionally important for ensuring safety, tightness, and reliable operation over millions of cycles.

Valmet’s valves lead the world in ultra-reliable, high-performance industrial gas flow control solutions, and they comply with the latest environmental and SIL requirements. Our valves are designed for the most demanding challenges, including those found in cryogenic, adsorption and membrane applications.

Advanced automation and safety systems

Valmet provides sophisticated automation systems that enhance safety and improve process control, together with a complete range of automated valve controllers and automated valves. The Valmet DNA distributed control system gives you complete control of your industrial gas applications. We have also developed automations solutions specifically for companies that work with hazardous gases, including the ATEX certified Valmet DNA Integrated Operations solution for tracking LNG, gas and chemical containers.

Services for reliability and availability

Valmet’s highly skilled field service experts provide the support you need to reach maximum plant availability and reduce operational costs throughout the life cycle of your plant, and to make sure your industrial gas processes are always under control. For particularly challenging applications, we can also design components and assemble devices according to your specific needs.