Data management and analytics for board, paper and tissue

Control and optimization solutions for Valmet DNA distributed control system (DCS)

In today’s paper industry, information and knowledge management is an important tool for operational excellence. Valmet has embedded its strong process know-how into advanced information management applications. The knowledge management tools offer outstanding opportunities for continuous improvement towards superior performance, collaborative customer service, and better profitability.

Improved process management

Better runnability

Uniform quality

Reduced disturbances

Efficient quality management is essential for maintaining the leading edge in customer satisfaction. We offer you excellent tools for mill-wide quality management and reporting, helping to manage online process and quality data from process controls, quality controls, web inspection systems and laboratory testing. Every single measurement can be archived for years and traced to individual rolls.

Valmet IQ Reporting

With the help of Valmet IQ Reporting operators receive, see, use, present and share quality information from online quality measurements. Collected online data is available also in file format for PC users. Reporting includes reel, shift, grade and daily reports and reel average profile, as well as pictures to present and visualize the machine reel quality information.

Valmet IQ Reporting keeps operators and management in the quality picture all the time in every place. Reports help future production planning and highlight potential bottlenecks with production tonnage, production rate, length and averages of online measurements by machine reels. Lost time analysis keeps track of sheet breaks, shutdown time and periods of off-spec quality and grade changes, helping users to improve efficiency and increase production.

Reel Quality Monitoring

Valmet DNA Reel Quality Monitoring expands the capabilities of Valmet IQ Reporting by enabling longer quality history and making it possible to combine the quality information from multiple machines into one system. Reel Quality Monitoring also offers possibility to expand to system with optional modules: Roll Monitoring for reporting quality of individual customer rolls, Laboratory Data Management to combine paper laboratory measurements to the quality information and Paper Lab link to integrate Valmet Paper Lab data to the Laboratory Data Management.

Profile Monitoring

Valmet DNA Paper Profile Monitoring is designed for monitoring, reporting, and analyzing online quality measurement profiles. It is a tool for transforming the real-time scanned profile data into informative quality maps and improving production efficiency by detecting paper web quality disturbances in CD and MD directions based on online scan profiles.

Rising energy and commodity prices present continuous challenges to producers. Valmet DNA Cost Monitoring application offers tools to monitor the consumption of energy, fiber, chemicals, and water of the process on-line. The real-time displays for consumptions and costs give a detailed view as to whether the consumptions and costs are as expected for the current production rate and grade.

Historical reports offer tools to analyze consumptions and costs for a selected time span, selected grades or specific reels.


  • Real-time awareness of production cost deviations and a drive for continuous improvement 
  • Easy to configure grade specific alarms limits based on reference production.
  • Cost and consumption reports for selected time and grade, with operator classification for causes of consumption deviations. 

Overall Equipment Efficiency reporting offers standardized view into key KPIs of a machine. The application evaluates the time efficiency, i.e. actual production time vs. planned production, speed efficiency i.e. actual production rate vs. maximum production rate, material efficiency i.e. net production vs. total production and quality efficiency i.e. on-specification production tons vs. net production tons.

Deviations from production plan can automatically generate events that are recorded and classified to categories based on operator input. Operator can classify events using pre-selectable choices according to the mill standard.

Implementation follows CEPI standard for OEE reporting.