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A wide range of products and rebuild services

To reach desired production results each part must align with each other. It is also important to understand if certain sections or component can be upgraded or replaced in order to achive those goals. The possibilities are many, whether it be energy savings, stable production or other ways to optimize the production.

We offer a wide range of products and rebuild services ranging from component upgrades, replacement parts to total rebuilds of various machine sections or the whole tissue machine. We provide rebuilds for conventional dry crepe machines, independent of original supplier, as well as TAD machines and nonwoven processes.

Our working method is built on close collaboration with our customers where we work together to define the challenges and develop the best solution for the actual requirements. By choosing the original Valmet Intelli or Advantage machinery and products, you guarantee the highest quality, and that your operations – and profit- stay up and running.

Want to optimize your tissue production?

Together we can indentify specific needs or wishes for each machine component.

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The purpose of the tissue machine forming section is to distribute the stock evenly along the entire width of the tissue machine into the gap between the wire and the felt.  

Valmet provides a selection of forming sections with excellent runnability and focus on high productivity and low energy consumption.  


The task of the tissue machine press section is to remove water. Wet pressing increases sheet dryness in order to ensure adequate paper machine drying capacity. Saving energy is today very important and will become even more important in the future.  

The press section also has a major impact on tissue quality as softness and bulk, and machine performance.


The purpose of the drying section is to remove water from tissue web by evaporation. Typical methods for tissue making is yankee cylinder, casted iron or steel, drying or Thru-Air drying combined with yankee drying. Regardless of the selected drying method, it is vital to ensure maximum drying efficiency with minimum energy consumption.

Valmet offers a high-quality range of drying solutions whether you want a new line or to rebuild your tissue machine.


Reels from Valmet are innovative winding systems that provide producers and converters of of all type of tissue paper grades a competitive edge in an industry where greater efficiency and minimum broke directly affect productivity. By letting Valmet help you in selecting the right reel for your grade, machine speed and web width, you can make full use of this potential.


The constantly increasing market demand of softer tissue with higher bulk force both tissue machine suppliers and paper makers to find everyday solutions to produce parent rolls that meet the market requirements. The challenge is to handle and convert the rolls, preserving as much of the initial tissue properties as possible, without stressing the paper. Nostress™ is a rewinding concept that involves Unwinders, Rewinders and Finished rolls removal.

A full-scale Technology Center for pilot testing

A full-scale Technology Center for pilot testing

At Valmet Technology Center we offer the opportunity to experiment and develop tissue products and processes without having to put your production on hold. Follow the activities in the trials on site or remotely through live streaming cameras.

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