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Ways to lower your paper machine's energy costs


A shift to more energy-efficient and less polluting technology is vital. High energy efficiency offers an effective way to save costs and increase profitability – especially with today’s rising energy prices. Energy costs account for approximately 30 percent of total operating costs in the papermaking industry. Paper mills need to improve their energy efficiency in order to reduce their CO2 emissions to meet tightening environmental requirements. By consuming less, you not only boost your profitability but also save the environment, and can thereby look forward to a more sustainable tomorrow.

Minimize the lifecycle energy costs with the latest technologies and services


Valmet has numerous ways to help paper and board makers improve their energy efficiency and minimize their lifecycle energy costs. Individual energy-efficient components will not create an energy-efficient paper machine if they are not all working together. Valmet has the full palette needed from papermaking technology and equipment to auxiliary processes and automation. We understand the requirements and dimensioning of machines, and how to control them in an energy-efficient manner under various running conditions.

Our energy-efficient solutions for paper and board mills cover:

Energy saving steps

                             Steps to energy savings.

Want to keep your costs down?

Want to keep your costs down?

How to use Industrial Internet to reduce energy consumption and keep costs down?

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