Tissue packaging lines

Technology has changed the way tissue converters package products, but a one size fits all approach doesn’t necessarily maximize your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Instead, finding a balance between advanced technology and line customization leads to — and sustains — desired results in packaging processes and applications.


Valmet wrappers solution has been designed to reach the highest performance in terms of production outputs on the market.  

Available Machines: 

  • Casmatic Carbon T 
  • Casmatic A6T  
  • Casmatic CMW 208 
  • Casmatic F12 


Valmet bundlers are designed to manufacture an unlimited number of bundle configurations with any pack type or logistics need. Intelligent systems with step-by-step format changeovers make the bundlers instrumental in improving OEE. 

 Available Machines: 

  • Casmatic B23 
  • Casmatic CMB202 
  • Casmatic CMB202 EVO 
  • Casmatic CMB270 

Layout and Diverter 


An efficient line layout improves OEE by maximizing productivity and minimizing required floor space. Versatile conveyor belt solutions paired with innovative machines, diverters for efficient product distribution on lines, optimize the entire production process. 

Available machines: 

  • Casmatic Omnia 1000 

Non conventional packaging - Casmatic Zephyrus 

Non conventional packaging equipment is the response to the latest demand of sustainable and e-commerce ready packaging coming from end consumers. Flexibility and modularity have been the key drivers during the entire development stage; the result is a machine easy and fast to install with the possibility to increase the production capacity adding specific modules. 

Read more about Casmatic Zephyrus 


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Do you have any questions?

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