Automation and flow control for the construction industry

Enhancing construction efficiency with innovative solutions

Valmet offers a range of heavy-duty flow control solutions for cement handling in the construction industry, as well as automation solutions that improve process control and reliability. Our Flowrox™ valves and pumps are built to withstand the harsh conditions in both dry and wet cement processes and, with more than 5,500 products delivered, they have proven their performance and boosted the processes in hundreds of cement plants, worldwide.

Reliable, heavy-duty flow control

Proven performance

Abrasive-resistant materials

Reliable spares and wears

Heavy-duty flow control for cement processes

As a key component of concrete, cement is one of the most widely used materials in the world. However, it is an extremely abrasive substance, which can make reliable flow control challenging. 

Flowrox™ heavy duty pumps and valves are ideal for the cement industry because they are built to last in the harsh conditions found in cement manufacturing and handling. Products like our Flowrox heavy duty pinch valves and Flowrox LPP-T peristaltic pumps use abrasion and corrosion resistant materials, and keep the number of wear parts in contact with the flow media to a minimum. This ensures reliability, and reduces spare-part consumption and the total cost of ownership, even when handling abrasive, viscous and corrosive media like cement powder, slurries and grinding aid chemicals.

Automation that improves process reliability

Valmet’s automation solutions enable companies in the cement industry to improve the efficiency and reliability of their processes. Valmet DNA gives them full control of their process automation, pumps and valves, for safe and accurate dosing of powders, slurries and liquids, and additives like grinding aids. It’s user-friendly and it includes built-in condition monitoring, which provides the data needed to predict maintenance, and wear and spare parts needs. 

Maintenance, reliability and performance services

Valmet supports customers in the cement industry with a comprehensive service offering through more than 40 service centers around the world. This includes maintenance planning, as well as a rapid, reliable supply of spare and wear parts. 

In addition, for companies that manufacture cement, we offer a range of Boiler Diagnostic Systems to maximize combustion efficiency and minimize unplanned downtime. This includes the Valmet Furnace Imaging Service, which enables remote online monitoring, as well as analysis and troubleshooting through a Valmet Performance Center.