Digital solutions

A selection of smart services and technical solutions, which combine the power of artificial intelligence and big data with our field-proven technical expertise with the aim to help our customers to maximize profitability by increasing revenues and decreasing costs.


On the edge from the physical layer to the operating software, this product family offers remote factory transparency, followed by manufacturing insights and simulation.

We create value through data. Empowering machines to communicate based on a common infrastructure and establishing a central and standardized instance allows us to solve data

interpretation and process information. The focus is on machine connectivity and scalable infrastructure.

The highest security standards are applied to set up and trust the necessary telemetry used to derive meaningful insights and simulate upon current and past data.

Process optimization

Let’s optimize machine and line performance as well as plan and manage production! - We use machine data to reduce downtime, increase availability and performance of plants and single assets.

This product family offers solutions that improve availability, performance and quality of production machines. The plan and manage production offering creates transparency for

shop floor operations with human und process- based data. Together with digital  communication and documentation for efficient interaction between workers and processes, we are addressing all major optimization pain points in manufacturing and warehouse operations.

Remote assistance and training

From life cycle management of assets and systems, managing knowledge and information to processes analysis and consulting. - You will find the support you need.

This family of products and services includes offerings to ensure continuous operations through remote enabled solutions like augmented reality support. We can optimize assets condition with state-of-the-art service support while using information as a digital asset. The solution is to create, channel and distribute digital content to humans and systems alike. Data, solution and system integration to improve the holistic factory and warehouse system landscape is combined with consulting and process analysis work.

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Do you have any questions?

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