Recycled fiber

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Customized recycled fiber solutions

Producing high-quality board and paper grades with low-quality raw materials like old corrugated containers (OCC) and mixed paper (MXP) places high demands on recycled fiber processes. Process optimization begins with the specification of the end product’s desired properties. This guides the selection of the stock preparation concept, which must be robust and flexible while meeting the full range of productivity and environmental demands. With Valmet’s experts, you can optimize the entire recycled fiber line to produce maximum quality stock while improving efficiency with very high safety standards.

Whether you’re looking for a totally new recycled fiber line or a partial rebuild, Valmet secures the production of a high-quality end product with good strength properties. The customized process design enables the optimization of final stock quality, raw material yield, and most importantly, the maximization of your investment by minimizing operating costs.

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OCC Lines

Typically recycled fiber line designs include low-quality mixed paper, expensive clean raw materials, or a mixture of both. Valmet's OCC equipment and lines maximize raw material yield and fiber quality potential while minimizing fiber loss, investment, and operating costs. Along with standalone equipment sales, Valmet also provides full-scope OCC lines for your specific needs. Our OCC portfolio includes drum and vertical pulping, screening, cleaning, thickening equipment, dispersing, and refining.

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Full-scale pilot testing facility

The world’s most comprehensive testing, piloting and laboratory services are available at the Valmet Fiber Technology Center in Inkeroinen, Finland. The pilot facility provides a complete testing environment for mechanical pulping, recycled fiber, stock preparation and pulp drying. Valmet’s professional team has run hundreds of customer trials.

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Deinking plants

The production of high-quality printing papers, newsprint and tissue from recycled fiber is challenging and mills need to handle more furnish variability, as paper qualities get mixed and contaminated with non-fiber materials.

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Valmet's OCC Solutions with integrated automation

Hanna Jokinen, Director, Capital Business, Stock Preparation and Recycled Fiber at Valmet presents Valmet’s recent customer cases with OCC (Old Corrugated Containers) lines - maintaining performance with Industrial Internet applications and key services.