Boosting sustainability for cleaner air and sea

Valmet’s emission control solutions for marine

Valmet has launched new emission control solutions for the marine industry. These enable shipowners to boost sustainability at sea, reduce operational costs and better comply with growing statutory requirements.

Lower emissions

Lower chemical consumption

Lower freshwater consumption

Lower electricity consumption

Hybrid scrubbers for sustainable shipping

With the increasing importance of sustainability, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the EU are continuously tightening their regulations for seagoing vessels. SOx scrubbing is an attractive way to meet stringent demands and even minimize vessels’ operational costs.

Valmet is the first company to introduce a dual water hybrid scrubber to the marine market. The development of Valmet’s marine scrubber has a strong technical background from years-long deliveries to land-based power industries. Patented by Valmet, it has a wide range of unique technical features.

The hybrid scrubber is a combination of an open- and closed-loop scrubber where airborne emissions can be kept within regulatory limits in a cost-efficient way. To date, Valmet’s marine scrubbers have been delivered to container, general cargo and cruise vessels around the world.


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Efficient and environmentally friendly washwater filtration

Leading the way for the industry, Valmet has developed Valmet Marine Water Treatment, a scrubber washwater treatment system that meets even the most stringent regulations for emissions at sea.

The heart of the advanced solution is Valmet Ultrafilter CR built upon patented and enhanced cross-flow technology. Based on mechanical ultrafiltration, Ultrafilter CR does not require additive chemicals. The absence of additive chemicals results in major cost savings during the ship’s operation.

Another new marine solution from Valmet includes a state-of-the-art Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) for reducing particulate matter emissions from vessels.


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