Automation and flow control the food and beverage industry

Transforming the food industry with innovative solutions

Valmet food industry

Valmet provides flow control and automation solutions to food and beverage companies around the world, enabling them to move and mix large volumes of ingredients and food stuffs safely and efficiently. Our solutions are made to perform continuously and reliably, and save you money, even in challenging conditions.

Improved process performance

High uptime

Reliability and reduced costs

Predictive maintenance

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Proven performance for food and beverage applications

Process conditions in the food and beverage industry vary widely depending on the application, ranging from high temperatures to unbroken cold-chains. They can also include regular washdowns to maintain sanitary conditions. For around-the-clock production, non-stop reliability is a must. While for seasonal production, everything must work flawlessly during the available time.

To meet the needs of different industry segments, Valmet offers a wide range of valves, intelligent valve controllers, actuators and valve automation. Our products are suitable for sanitary and washdown environments, and their robust designs deliver proven performance even with challenging flow media like semi-crystalline syrups. 

Ensure productivity and reliability

Modern food and beverage plants are often highly automated and, since production areas must be absolutely clean, this also places special requirements on the automation systems. 

Valmet offers automation solutions for food and beverage applications, which include valve controllers with wireless connectivity for easy valve diagnostics. These enable predictive maintenance to prevent the failure of automated valves, improve up-time and reduce life cycle maintenance costs. Our wireless solutions also reduce the number of personnel needed in the production area, improving hygiene. Valmet also offers Valmet DNA, a complete distributed control system for process automation, with condition monitoring built in.

Comprehensive service support

Valmet supports customers in the food and beverage industry with a comprehensive service offering through more than 40 service centers around the world.