Cut the waste at your box plant - Reduce warp >50 %

Valmet IQ for corrugator

Valmet IQ for corrugators combines precise online moisture, temperature and warp measurements with reliable closed-loop controls and moisturizers. Unique quality control system (QCS) stabilizes raw material and process variations throughout the value chain from fiber to finished product and optimizes both process performance and sheet quality in the corrugator.

Fully automatic closed loop control for temperature, moisture, and warp

Maximized speed with optimized sheet quality

Linking paper quality data with corrugator productivity

Warp reduction. Productivity.

Automated Valmet IQ Warp control

Cross-direction moisture and temperature variation causing sheet warping are impossible to correct with standard corrugator controls. Valmet IQ Warp measurement is used in automatic closed-loop control (MPC) together with Valmet IQ Moisturizers to achieve warp target fast and without further actions. IQ Moisturizer can handle all kinds of warping (S-warp, CD-warp, edge-warp) correction and moisture CD profiling in corrugators.

Ensured bonding and stabilized quality.

Valmet IQ Wet-end control

Valmet's experience of different fiber-based webs has shown that temperature measurements alone are not sufficient to control the corrugator process. Valmet IQ Multipoint measurement system gives precise moisture and temperature information to Single facer & Triplex pre-heater wrap-arms for automatic process control to reach optimal conditions for gluing to ensure bonding, prevent warping and decrease washboard effect.

Optimized sheet final moisture.

Valmet IQ Dry-end control

Moisture imbalance of the final sheet causes post-warping and cracking effecting on converting department output and final product quality, and thus customer reclamations appear. Valmet IQ Single-sided IR moisture measurement provides accurate moisture and temperature measurement for close loop control. Together with IQ Warp control and IQ Moisturizers, the final moisture of the sheet can be optimized which improves end-product quality and stabilizes the process even further.

Reduced grammage. Maximum speed.

Valmet IQ full QCS

Multiple variables throughout the corrugator process are typically manually controlled by operators causing that process is not running optimum way 24/7. Valmet’s model-predictive multivariable IQ Wet-end and IQ Dry-end controls integrate online quality measurements, IQ Moisturizer, and existing machinery components for maximized corrugator speed, sheet quality, and site productivity in all process conditions all the time.

The right information. At all times.

Structured Valmet DNA User Interface

Valmet DNA User Interface, the new web-based user interface, can be fully utilized with Valmet IQ. The new structured QCS user interface guides the operators to focus on the situation-critical information and make the right decisions instantly and allows following the production in all devices, everywhere.

Optimize quality faster. Superior user experience in all applications.

Maximized productivity from fiber to the final product.

Valmet IQ Quality Data Manager

Final product quality and converting line performance vary between production runs with the same paper grades without a known reason. Valmet Industrial Internet (VII) application Valmet IQ Quality Data Manager connects paper production and corrugator processes seamlessly together and provides instant information through the value chain. The paper quality data moves between the paper mill and converting giving totally new way to control the process.