Water handling

Clean and de-ice logs in an excellent wood receiving system 

Valmet offers water handling to clean or de-ice logs and remove stones and sand from the wood room. The amount of sand coming with the logs vary. Valmet offers you a concept where water is circulated inside the wood room and rough cleaning is done first with a dewatering conveyor, taking out wood and bar species from circulating water. Secondly a sand collecting conveyor removes settled sand from the bottom of the bin.

Efficient cleaning and de-icing

Minimized wear means long lasting equipment

Eco-efficient cleaning and de-icing method

Minimized wear means long lasting equipment

If the raw material contains dirt and sand, a log washing station is often supplied to accompany the GentleFeed system's infeed conveyor. Sand is then removed prior to debarking. Removing sand will minimize the wear on the equipment in the following process steps.


Wood handling solutions for nothern countries

Mills located in northern countries sometimes need to de-ice the logs. In the deicing/thawing GentleFeed system, log bundles travel through a hot water spray chamber. This method is more effective than conventional heating ponds and more eco-efficient because the treatment water is sprayed and recirculated.

Our expertise is at your service

Our expertise is at your service

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