Valmet's management

Responsibility for the control and management of Valmet is divided between the general meeting of shareholders, the Board of Directors and the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Shareholders participate in the control and management of Valmet through resolutions passed at general meetings of shareholders.

Valmet’s Board of Directors and the President and CEO will be responsible for the management of Valmet. Valmet’s Board of Directors will seek to ensure that good corporate governance practice is applied within Valmet.

The President and CEO appointed by the Board of Directors of Valmet is responsible for the management and supervision of Valmet’s day-to-day business. Other executives will have an assisting and supporting role.

Valmet’s operating model consists of five business lines, five areas, and four support functions. The business lines are Services; Flow Control; Automation Systems; Pulp and Energy; Paper. The geographical areas are North America, South America, EMEA (Europe, Middle-East and Africa), China and Asia-Pacific. The four main support functions are Finance and Strategy; Human Resources; Marketing, Communications and Sustainability and Operational Development.

  Pulp and Energy   Paper   Services   Automation systems   Flow control
North America                  
South America              
Finance and strategy ○ Human resources ○ Marketing, Communications and Sustainability ○  Operational development