Customer case:

CMPC achieves historic mark in the recausticizing process in partnership with Valmet

Jul 2, 2021

Collaboration between companies reduced the dead load in the process by 34% with the implementation of Advanced Process Controls

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The work developed in conjunction with CMPC shows a new focus on advanced controls, previously configured to reduce costs and increase production, now also integrate aspects that aim to optimize the plant's environmental and sustainability indicators. The union between automation and process becomes increasingly relevant to implement this type of solution“ 
- Nathália Leme, Valmet Applications Manager
Location CMPC pulp mill, Guaiba, Brazil
Challenge / target The customer wanted innovative and lasting solutions for the development of improvement projects

Use of Advanced Caustic Control, a Valmet Industrial Internet tool, as well as technical support from the Valmet Performance Center platform to identify the potential to reduce the plant dead load

  • “From the beginning of the work until now, the dead load has been reduced and we have obtained better use of the company's resources, strategic and sustainability goals. In the last monthly report, for example, it was possible to see the reach of a historic mark for the factory. Throughout the month, efficiency was maintained at an optimal level and with a low standard deviation, which guarantees tranquility for the operation, which can aim for a high level of conversion of the causticizing reaction without running the risk of overliming" - Ronaldo Lesnik, CMPC Production Coordinator
  • 34% reduction of dead load during the process.
Keywords Pulping and Fiber, Automation, Industrial Internet, Improvements

Reduced dead load by