Customer case:

Sun Paper Yanzhou mill - NOx scrubber for recovery boiler

Jul 1, 2019

To meet the new, very tight NOx emission limits for its recovery boilers, Sun Paper turned to Valmet. The NOx scrubber for recovery boilers, the first in the world, has performed even better than originally expected.

Sun Paper REF main image 570.jpg
The De-SOx-NOx process has worked successfully during the recovery boiler operation. We are happy to recommend Valmet for this kind of project, and we are already taking the same technology into use in two more recovery boilers.
Hongjin Liang, Mill Manager of the Yanzhou Kraft Pulp Mill from Sun Paper



Shandong Sun Paper, Yanzhou mill, Shandong Province, China

Customer challenge Strict emission limits for recovery boiler SOx and NOx emissions. NOx limit about half of the level that can be reached with advanced combustion technologies.
Sun Paper is committed to using latest technologies and minimizing its environmental impact.
Solution NOx scrubber using chlorine dioxide (ClO2) as the oxidizing agent
  • Compact solution developed for the customer needs
  • Fast project delivery and on-time start-up
  • Low emission levels with De NOx efficiency up to 90%
Key words Air emission control, NOx scrubber, De-NOx, Recovery boiler, China