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Energy savings and improved runnability – dryer fabric service agreement with Siam Kraft

Jun 5, 2024

Valmet and Siam Kraft Industry Co., Ltd.'s PM16 at the Ban Pong mill in Thailand have a service agreement for dryer fabrics. The two-year contract, covering 2022 to 2024 ensures energy savings and enhanced runnability of the machine's dryer section.

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The improvements via this partnership justified the agreement for dryer fabrics with Valmet. We were able to optimize and troubleshoot for energy savings and better runnability, dryer fabric performance is predictable and minimizes the need for unplanned fabric changes. Also, regular support and service from Valmet’s expert is always at hand when needed." 

Jarut Agsonn, Section Manager at PM16, Siam Kraft Industry Co., Ltd.


PM16, a Valmet supplied OptiConcept M board machine utilizing 100% recycled raw materials, was initiated in October 2014 with a wire width of 7250 mm and a basis weight range of 90-150 g/m2. The design speed of the machine is 1300 m/min, Siam Kraft achieves a maximum running speed of approximately 1200 m/min. 

The service agreement has helped our customer to meet their board mill targets, including the troubleshooting and optimization of the dryer section, leading to energy savings and enhanced runnability. The selection of suitable dryer fabrics tailored for specific needs and performance objectives has been vital in this success. Moreover, the regular support and service included in this agreement ensure that Siam Kraft's operations maintain maximum efficiency. 


Technical data

Grades Board machine
Technical information The design speed of the machine is 1,300 m/min, the wire width is 7,250 mm and the basis weight range is 90-150 g/m2.
Start-up October 2014