Customer case:

10% capacity increase through a Performance Agreement at Fibre-Excellence

Feb 19, 2017

Valmet’s multi-experienced team solved the production problems at Fibre-Excellence, Saint-Gaudens, through a Performance Agreement. As a result, the number of breaks at the pulp mill was reduced significantly and the capacity was increased by 10 %.

Co-operation was the key to success. Valmet was able to bring in expertise from different parts of the organization and they worked efficiently together to solve our problems.
Nicolas Michelon, Production Manager


Location Fibre-Excellence, Saint-Gaudens, France.

Pulp dryer losses and breaks.


Performance Agreement with Valmet including the definition of the problem, assessment of the required skills and execution of the project to reach defined goals.


Significant reduction of losses and 10 % increase in capacity.

Keywords Pulping and Fiber, Agreements, Europe