Valmet supplied automation system for Green Ship Nils Holgersson

Jun 23, 2022

In March 2022, Green Ship Nils Holgersson owned by TT-Line departed CMJ Jinling Shipyard in China, heading towards its home country Germany. Valmet supplied Machine Automation System, Power Management System, and Bilge and Cargo Control System for the vessel.

The most advanced RoPax in the world

RoPax are ferries designed to provide maximum efficiency and the seamless transfer of vehicles, cargo and passengers. With a length of 230 metres and width of 31 meters, Nils Holgersson offers 239 modern and comfortable cabins in various categories for around 800 passengers. It also provides more than 3500 square meters of public areas such as the restaurant, the family lounge, the coffee lounge, the bar and the nearly 1200 square meter outside deck. This forward-looking ferry offers a comfortable ferry experience. Apart from that, the Green Ship is also equipped with many environmental-friendly technologies such as dual-fuel engine, enabling the greatest possible sustainable travel and travel experience, which is also resonating with Valmet Climate Program.


State-of-the-art automation system

Valmet set root in marine industry in 1750 already and released its automation platform for marine in 1979. Over decades of development, Valmet has the biggest market share in luxury cruise segment thanks to its advanced technologies.

In a vessel like this, Valmet is selected because of its outstanding processing capabilities and proved system reliability. Valmet DNA automation system also provides operator a multifunctional working station, allowing control, monitoring and information management etc. in the control room.

Excellent project execution

The project was kicked off in 2019. Hence most of the project execution phase was under the pandemic, which posed many challenges. But nothing can stop us from bringing good experience to our customers. Remote connections, online tests, virtual collaboration – modern technologies are fully utilized to ensure a smooth project.

“We started this three years ago. And even in this challenging time with Covid and so on, we’ve seen that things went smoothly all the time. Our inquiries were processed very fast and in a very professional way. We as a customer, could say that all our wishes and the specialties about this complex vessel were taken into consideration,” says Ole Hinneburg, Naval Architect from TT-Line GmbH & Co., KG.

“Although this is our first cooperation and we occurred many technical difficulties, the cooperation has been very smooth. All the issued are solved in a prompt way, especially the Power Management System, For a RoPax vessel, PMS(Power Management System) is very complicated but Valmet completed the project very fast from commissioning to acceptance test. I think the whole design of the automation system is excellent. We hope to have further cooperation in the future,” says Zhou Bin, Project Supervisor from CMI Jinling Shipyard.

"Valmet, as a Finnish brand with deep technical accumulation and excellent reputation in European cruise building market, it has now been recognized by more and more Chinese and foreign shipowners who build ships in Chinese shipyards. The remarkable local delivery of TT-line Ropax automation project is just one solid step of our marine strategies, and surely we will continue to increase investment in China marine industry.” says Curry Qian, Senior Manager from Valmet Automation.

The vessel will enter service in 2022 and operate in the Baltics. Let’s wish her bon voyage.