Inspiration from nature starts Valmet’s nonwovens journey

Dec 21, 2021

For decades, Valmet has been designing and manufacturing machinery for nonwovens producers. Perhaps surprisingly, our technology is inspired by the beauty of nature. Today, we can offer full end-of-line equipment while continuously developing our offering.


A masterpiece of engineering that is “absolutely perfect in economizing labor and wax.” That’s how Charles Darwin described the honeycomb. For Valmet, the HONEYCOMB® ROLL, inspired by the hexagonal brilliance of the honeybee’s comb, revolutionized through-air technology and was the start of our nonwovens journey. Today, Valmet can offer a full end-of-line scope of machinery solutions all the way from drying, bonding and winding to packaging, automation, quality control and machine vision systems.

The unique HONEYCOMB ROLL and the making of air systems for the nonwovens industries date back to the 1960s. The knowledge has since been transferred within the Valmet organization with a constant drive to further develop the products.


Exhibitor and visitor are finally coming together as the world is slowly opening up again. In July, Valmet was at the ANEX/SINCE Nonwovens exhibition in Shanghai. In the photo, Valmet staff demonstrates our unique HONEYCOMB ROLL prototype. As travel remains quite complicated, the global team from Italy and the United States that usually participates was represented remotely to support visitors’ questions.

The new future of nonwovens

Valmet is now taking another leap in the nonwovens business area. One intiative was a unique digital event, held in collaboration with Futura, Canalair and Oerlikon Nonwoven/Teknoweb Materials. The event, called the NonWoEvent, allowed customers to book exclusive 2-hour live demonstration sessions of the latest nonwoven technology.

The adaptability of every piece of our machinery allows for unique properties in nonwovens end products.

Valmet, represented by Fabrizio Bartolini, presented the new In-Line Winder Rollite NW1-IN, which is the perfect example of the electromechanical technology applied to material care. Rollite Tension Nip Torque control includes all the high-tech solutions representing the winding state-of-the-art. Rollite NW1-IN is now installed in the Valmet Pescia facilities in Italy. All the machine’s features are available to be shown and directly tested during the customer’s dedicated running trials.

Enhancing your production with automation solutions

Valmet has the ability to supply automation integrated in the end-of-line. The offer includes for example defect detection, an efficient defect removal system, and deep web quality control to improve quality efficiency and savings. This also gives the customers the opportunity to use Valmet Performance Center, which is the best way to utilize the advantages of the Industrial Internet in improving performance.


Valmet offers the highest performing end-of-line machines to nonwoven producers seeking a maximum level of control in creating and maintaining product quality.

A new cost-effective bonder is joining the family

The Valmet nonwovens journey continues with the introduction of a new bonder at the beginning of 2022. The Valmet THRU-AIR® Bonder is derived from Valmet’s years of experience in through-air bonding and is designed to provide maximum value. By introducing this new bonder, Valmet can now offer nonwovens producers a cost-effective solution for manufacturing premium nonwoven products, without compromising on quality. The new bonder aims to achieve high performance standards at lower total costs for the producer, including capital, operating, installation, maintenance, runnability and reliability costs. It is also designed for efficient space utilization. No less important, the Bonder is designed to support carbon-neutral operation by accepting alternative heat sources.

The adaptability of every piece of our machinery allows for unique properties in nonwovens end products, and we are always looking forward to further collaboration with current and new customers to suit the needs of today’s producers. And as Darwin discovered during his voyage around the world, adaptation is essential.

Text Anna Boström Mora

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Full end-of-line equipment

The HYDRO-DRY® is a compact dryer with an integrated air system, economical construction and easy installation. It utilizes dual air chambers with separate burners, allowing for two temperature zones, which leads to higher efficiency and lower power usage. When maintenance is required, the “roll-out” design allows for easy access to both the drum surface and the hood. The HYDRO-DRY is offered in two models: Classic and Advantage™.

The heart of the THRU-AIR® technology process is the HONEYCOMB® ROLL, which delivers up to 3 times more open area than conventionally drilled steel shells. As each HONEYCOMB ROLL is custom-built, it can be varied to suit your specific application.

The winding and rewinding concept involves several sections of the end line: Winder, Slitting/Rewinder, Finished Reel Removal and the Handling/Packaging system. The electromechanical relieving approach is completely automatic, with no stress impact on the web, and it maximizes the preservation of built-in product characteristics.

The range of automation solutions can give complete control of all your processes, combat quality flaws or discover damage to the web. The single system architecture saves on both costs and effort, while ensuring open growth for your future challenges.