Marking a new milestone with C&S's PM 5

Jun 17, 2022

The start-up of PM 5, the new Valmet IntelliTissue machine, in 2021 continued the long collaboration of Valmet and C&S in China. The new tissue machine has delivered stable product quality since day one.

Valmet at C&S in China

As a leading household paper company in China, C&S specializes in producing household paper products. Eleven Valmet IntelliTissue household paper machine units have been successfully installed in C&S’s Yunfu, Tangshan and Xiaogan production mills since 2017. The smooth start-up of Valmet PM 5 at C&S’s Xiaogan mill in March 2021 marked a further milestone in the companies’ close cooperation. 



Strong focus on quality and cost efficiency  

With its particular emphasis on the quality of paper products, C&S is quite strict about the quality of paper machines. Lin Tiande, C&S’s Technology Center General Manager, speaks very highly of Valmet tissue machines and the quality of the paper products. In his own words, “C&S is an innovation-oriented company. In terms of product management, we always strive to pursue industry-leading, first-class innovative technology.”   

Since the start-up, the new Valmet IntelliTissue machine has delivered stable product quality and received good feedback from end customers.

Mr. Lin adds that the decision on PM 5 was made based mainly on the growing market demand, and the start-up date was planned in accordance with the mill’s needs. A key criterion for selecting Valmet as a supplier was the paper machine’s cost-effectiveness and the end-product quality.   

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Lin Tiande, General Manager of Technology Center, C&S. 

Zhang Guoxiang, Senior Sales Manager of Valmet Changzhou.

Stable product quality since start-up  

Mr. Lin explains that the start-up of PM 5 went relatively smoothly, and it has since been in continuous production. He adds that it has been running as expected so far. He underlines that the whole installation project progressed smoothly thanks to Valmet personnel working closely with the other teams on site.  

Since the start-up, the Valmet IntelliTissue machine has delivered stable product quality and received good feedback from end customers.  

Hong Xiaogang, C&S’s Hubei factory’s Production Supervisor, also shares his experiences: “The operation of our new tissue machine is highly automated – it’s always easy to operate and stable in performance.” He concludes that they expect to learn more from Valmet’s experts to achieve the best operating performance. 

New innovations for new needs 

Zhang Guoxiang, Senior Sales Manager of Valmet Changzhou states that C&S is a long-term strategic partner of Valmet. He points out that the seamless cooperation of both teams has contributed to the smooth start-up of PM 5. Mr. Zhang praises Valmet’s outstanding ability to listen to customers and adjust the IntelliTissue machine to their needs. “The PM 5 machine delivers high tissue quality and is enabling C&S to become an industry leader in low energy consumption. We hope Valmet can go forward hand in hand with C&S and create great achievements in the future!” says Mr. Zhang.  

Mr. Lin adds: “We’ve been in partnership with Valmet for several years. We hope Valmet will continue to make technology innovations in tissue machines to meet our continuous product development needs and provide us with even more efficient energy-saving and eco-friendly models!” 

Valmet is committed to providing its customers with a full range of tissue machine solutions and will continue to work in close collaboration, listening to customers’ needs, innovating, and responding to the trust and expectations of C&S and other customers with even better products and services.  


Text Rainy Jiang