75 years of innovation: Körber Business Area Tissue in Brazil celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Group with social, sustainable and innovative activities


In Brazil, the Business Area Tissue at Joinville, Santa Catarina, participated with several actions under the theme of “75 years of innovation: we are part of this history” aiming to impact both employees and partners.

More than 10,000 employees across 5 Business Areas and 100 locations around the world have celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Körber Group. In Brazil, the Business Area Tissue at Joinville, Santa Catarina, participated with several actions under the theme of “75 years of innovation: we are part of this history” aiming to impact both employees and partners.

"We decided to celebrate the special date in Brazil by developing actions that would have an impact both inside and outside the company. Outside, with activities that would impact social and environmental spheres, showing how far we can go when we are together. Internally, going deeper in our history of 75 years, encouraging the innovative spirit, creativity and making everybody feel a part of this history,” says Dineo Silverio, CEO of Körber Business Area Tissue in Brazil.

The celebration was divided into three main pillars:

Stronger together

To reinforce its values of sustainability and care for the environment, Körber Business Area Tissue has created in Brazil initiatives aiming to unite all employees in these great causes. “The goal was to reinforce the meaning of stronger together, positively impacting the internal and external environment. And we are proud to say that the goal was successfully achieved," comment Dineo Silverio.


Under the theme of the environment and sustainability, the Group carried out a global action donating 10,000 trees for 10,000 colleagues worldwide, making a valuable contribution to climate protection. At Körber Business Area Tissue in Brazil the activity was extended by donating trees to employees, reaching a total of 354 trees donated. "The action was totally connected with our purpose of sustainability, which we have adopted both in our day-to-day activities at the company and in the development of our solutions. Being able to maximize the impacts with the voluntary help of our employees was extremely gratifying", says Dineo Silverio.

Blood donation

Another action with great impact was the Blood Donation campaign, coordinated by the plant's Fire Brigade, who invited all employees to volunteer as blood donors. The goal was to encourage and promote blood donation as an act of saving lives, an action of solidarity with others. In total, the campaign reached the mark of more than 50 volunteers donating blood.

"Everyday hundreds of thousands of people need blood donation in our country and in our city. Facing this scenario, we at Körber enjoyed the opportunity of the Group’s anniversary to raise awareness among our employees and thus change the lack of volunteer blood donors. It was an extremely gratifying action and seeing our employees volunteering to help was very exciting." Comment Jovana Bonett, Work Safety and Maintenance Leader at Körber Business Area Tissue Brazil and Coordinator of the Fire Brigade

75km challenge

Aiming to motivate their employees to adopt healthier habits, Körber Business Area Tissue created a global challenge for the employees, where they need to achieve this target by walking, running or biking. In Brazil, there were over 90 employees registered in the activity, of which 60 achieved the target, and together they summed up a total of 12,614km covered during the one-month Challenge.

"The challenge was awesome. The interaction among the company's sectors, the excitement every week about the partial result, and the healthy competition among the participants. In addition to the benefits that the exercises gave us for our health! It is very gratifying to receive encouragement from the company and from the employees themselves.” Says Ednelson de Borba, Mechanical Assembler of Körber Business Area Tissue in Brazil, the first placed in the Cycling category.

Home for entrepreneurs

The Körber Group considers itself as the ‘home for entrepreneurs’ – a team of experts who transform entrepreneurial thinking into success for customers and stakeholders. Based on that, one of the pillars of the celebration in Brazil aimed to encourage this entrepreneurial thinking internally, among employees to be creative and innovative by:

Creativity challenge on Instagram

In order to motivate innovation and creativity, two strong values sustained by Körber, an Instagram filter for the anniversary was launched together with a challenge for the employees. During one month, the employees had to be creative and innovative, sharing their moments using the Körber filter, and following a weekly specific theme. Each week the most creative ones were rewarded.

"We are increasingly present in social networks. Creating the Instagram filter challenge encouraged the participation of employees on our page and brought them even closer to the brand." says Maria Luiza Saade, Marketing Analyst of Körber Business Area Tissue in Brazil.

Digital Awards

Also, under the topic of creativity and innovation, there was the first edition of the Digital Awards, an action focused on recognizing the effort and dedication of all employees who are committed to improving processes and the corporate environment through projects related to digital transformation.

With 18 projects participating, the prize was delivered to 3 projects in 3 categories: Digital Innovation & Collaboration, with projects that involved creativity, innovation and/or collaboration between different areas; Digital Strategic Initiative, with projects that avoided risks and/or waste linked to legal, financial, environmental, labor, operational and/or tax activities; and Digital Excellence, with projects that brought greater financial return, where different indicators were calculated and validated by the Money Belt.

"It was gratifying to see the engagement of the finalists in publicizing their projects, the joy of the winners when they received their awards and, especially, the satisfaction of the participants in having their projects recognized directly by our President in a large event with all employees present," says Bruno Okazaki, Digital Transformation Coordinator at Körber Business Area Tissue in Brazil.

We are part of this history - final celebration

To close the activities with a golden key, Körber Tissue Brazil prepared a celebration of the Group's anniversary. The event, held in the company's auditorium, was attended by all the plant's employees and was held to commemorate the anniversary with honors and awards.

"It was very special to celebrate Körber's 75th anniversary with our employees. Everyone actively participated in the Group's celebration actions and was excited for the official celebration enclosing the activities. We truly achieve the goal of making everybody feeling stronger, as well as creative and innovative as our entrepreneurial DNA, truly feeling part of our 75 years of innovation." concludes Dineo Silverio.