Process upgrades for cooking and fiberline

Improve performance and efficiency with process and machine upgrades for the entire fiberline

Cost effective and circular way to reach your pulp production targets. We provide a wide range of upgrade solutions to enhance cooking and fiberline processes and machinery. The scope is always based on your specific needs and the solutions are tailored to maximize the performance of the cooking, washing, screening, and bleaching equipment to optimize processes and productivity. To ensure availability and improve production capacity of the complete fiberline contact us.

Maximize yield

Pulp quality and cleanliness

Lower operation and maintenance costs

Energy efficiency and water consumption

Small investments to remove bottlenecks and move toward circularity

With small or mid-size investments production bottlenecks can be opened or extends the original process design limitations. Typical process upgrade building blocks are design engineering, new components, rebuild and upgrades and process controls and efficient commissioning and start-up service. By upgrading and reuse an existing machine instead of buying a completely new you are a little friendlier to the enviroment. 


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Upgrade solutions for cooking

Upgrading existing machinery or process is a cost effective way to reach new production targets or to lower the maintenance costs. In process upgrades the customer value is built on the targeted process KPIs and guaranteed results.


Wash press upgrades – improve twinroll efficiency and capacity

Excellent washing efficiency, high availability and high output consistency, lower chemicals consumption and reducing your water consumption footprint. Increasing capacity by improved dewatering and washing, improving consistency, and optimizing operation while minimizing operational and maintenance costs.


Upgrade services for cooking and bleeching equipment

Outlet Device Bottom Bearing Kit has an important function to secure an even discharge flow and to avoid plugging of the pulp in impregnation vessel/digester discharge.

Pump Feed Solution G3 is a feeding system for chips into continuous cooking systems to replace high-pressure feeders.

Chip Bin OB - improve your cooking process with enhanced steaming.

Outlet Device ODS  - maintenance friendly outlet device with improved availability.

Beam Lifter A device that allows installing scaffold beams in digester and impregnation vessels in a simple, fast and secure way.

Top Separator Kit - the Top Separator Kit gives you the possibility of upgrading your existing top separator and increasing its reliability.

Outlet Device Kit Valmet Outlet Device Kit gives you the possibility of upgrading your existing outlet device and increasing its reliability.

TubeFlash by Valmet with a patented compact design improves your liquor condensate qualities.

OptiFeed - batch cooking: More chips per batch and enhanced digester capacity.

Lowered Extraction Screens: rebuild overloaded digesters with a lowering of the extraction zone.

Cross Circulation System - reduced MP-steam consumption

Feeder Adjustment Kit - adjust the feeder accurately, easily and safely. An adjustment kit enables making accurate and safer adjustments to the feeder

Flexible Screen - unique, flexible design making it a suitable replacement to all kinds of older digester screens.

Alkalimeter - measuring alkali consistency is important to achieve the best possible result from the cooking plant to save chemicals.

Chip Level Indicator - the chip level indicator measures the current chip level in the top of the digester.

CompactFeed - at least 30% higher feeding capacity.

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