Casmatic S15


Casmatic S15 is an automatic bundler for medium productivity for tissue products. It can overwrap multiple packs in different possible configurations with high flexibility, optimizing the positioning of the product on the pallet. This versatile bundler handles all pack configurations (no single rolls), for both core-down and core-up rolls, guaranteeing top final product quality and, at the same time, optimizinig the use of bundling material. Casmatic S15 has been designed to simplify and facilitate the work of operators during product change over and machine maintenance.*

Main characteristics

  • Maximum mechanical speed: 15 cycles/minute 
  • Maximum production speed: up to 13 bundles/minute  
  • Minimum bundle size: width 345 mm - height 180 mm - length 180 mm  
  • Maximum bundle size: width 1000 mm - height 460 mm - length 800 mm (single stroke)  
  • Max. poly reel width: 2750 mm 

*Please note that these are standard characteristics of the line. To receive additional information, contact us, clicking on "Request a free consultation"

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