Casmatic Sam Pack

Casmatic Sam Pack is a stand alone system unit designed to automatically monitor primary packaging quality and handle defective packs. Thanks to highly accurate and reliable technology this system is the ideal solution to effectively monitor packaging quality avoiding human errors and minimizing the risk to deliver uncompliant products. Casmatic Sam Pack is easy to operate and fast to set up, giving also the possibility to store both locally and remotely quality data for analytics purposes

High performance

Our proven technology is available for the most demanding applications 

Fast delivery

Quick time to market 

Easy maintenance and upgrade 

The implemented improvements guarantee less maintenance, easier upgrades and installation. 

Main characteristics

  • Maximum speed: 23 bundles/min 
  • Average changeover time: 25 min 
  • Average poly reel changeover time: 5 min 
  • Bundle width: 250 - 850 mm 
  • Bundle length: 180 - 900 mm  
  • Bundle height: 180 - 400 mm 

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