MTC MyTowel

Interfolder line

Based on the consolidated MTC vacuum folding Technology MTC MyTowel delivers the top level productivity and efficiency with an optimized line configuration for hand towel interfolded products. The complete line, that includes always an embossing laminator and a log saw, can be supplied with one or two unwinders and a bander unit.*

High performance and efficiency

Consolidated technology

Optimized configuration and investment

Main characteristics

  • Designed for manufacturing V-Fold hand towel and folded toilet paper 
  • Largura papel: MIN. 2.560MM; MÁX. 2.850MM 
  • Max production speed: up to 250 mt/min or 20 cycles/min 
  • Equipped with: 1 Unwinder, 1 embosser laminator, 1 Folding head, 1 Log Saw, 1 bander 


*Please note that these are standard characteristics of the line. To receive additional information, contact us, clicking on "Request a free consultation"

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