Perini Constellation S6

The Perini Constellation S6 is a revolutionary rewinder developed by Valmet. Thanks to its central and surface rewinding system equipped with 4 rollers and the renowned Punzoncini technology, the Perini Constellation S6 guarantees a rewinding from the first to the last ply with a perfect embossing result at each point of the roll allowing to produce products previously unimaginable at higher speeds.

Elimination of critical regulations

Higher speeds with high quality soft products

Uniform winding and perfect embossing from the first to the last sheet

The machine offers simplified production with constant efficiency, regardless of the type of paper. It also features the Easy HMI panel, designed with an intuitive interface that turns the operation simple*.

Technical characteristics:

  • Speed: up to 600 m/min (for format 2800 mm)
  • Maximum production: up to 45 logs/min
  • Equipped with:
    • 2 x Perini 389/1 unwinder
    • Perini Catalyst S6 DESL
    • Perini 560 tailsealer
    • Perini 588 accumulator
    • Perini 683/1 log loader 1-log saw 4-lane
    • Perini 177evo 4-lane log saw

*Please note that these are standard characteristics of the line that might be affected to modifications. To receive more information about the machine and the delivery time, please fill in the form.

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