Perini MyLine Pro

Converting line

Part of the MyPerini family, Perini MyLine Pro converting line designed for manufacturing toilet and kitchen rolls with diameters up to 200mm at a maximum speed of 600 m/min and an output of 40 log/min. Available in 2.800 mm format, the line is equipped with a versatile embosser capable of producing DESL products, 4 lanes log-saw and corewinder machine.*

High performance

Our proven technology available for the most demanding applications

Optimal price

Less customs options for more budget-friendly solutions

Fast delivery

Fast time to market for immediate asset monetization

Main characteristics:

  • Line with Siemens electrical platform
  • Speed up to 600 m/min and 40 logs/min
  • Available in 2.800 mm format
  • Equipped with DESL embosser
  • Equpped with 4 lanes log-saw and corewinder machine



*Please note that these are standard characteristics of the line that might be affected to modifications. To receive more information about the machine and the delivery time, please fill in the form.

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