Customer case:

OT Cybersecurity crisis exercise for Westenergy's waste-to-energy plant

Jun 5, 2024

Valmet and Deloitte organized an OT Cybersecurity crisis exercise for Westenergy in Mustasaari Waste-to-Energy plant in Finland.

Westenergy waste-to-energy plant


Improve resilience to cyberattacks.


The exercise included a customized cybersecurity crisis scenario which was used in realistic training exercises.

The focus was on crisis communication, updating documentation, and clarifying roles within the organization.

Westenergy’s plant has a Valmet DNA automation system, which is supported by Valmet’s automation services and cybersecurity services.

Benefits of a cybersecurity exercise
  • Increased resilience to cyberattacks
  • Improved response plans
  • Enhanced effectiveness during
    a potential incident
  • Improved coordination between involved parties