Customer case:

Proactive OT/ICS cybersecurity protection at Celbi pulp mill

Jun 18, 2024

The Celbi pulp mill in Portugal needed to prioritize cybersecurity in light of evolving threats. With only limited resources available for OT cybersecurity, they turned to Valmet's Cybersecurity services.

Having worked with Valmet for years, we're thrilled they now support us in OT Cybersecurity. Their services ensure we stay proactive with the latest safety tech. We look forward to growing our cybersecurity efforts together.
Flávio Neto, Electrical & Automation maintenance manager

Valmet Service agreement
with cybersecurity services

  • As part of the lifecycle plan, Valmet offered to upgrade the cybersecurity protection 
  • 50+ endpoints protected by TXOne Stellar
  • Quick alerts to the right people using the Valmet SCS remote connections 
  • System monitoring with early warning for Valmet DNA
  • Proactive approach to cybersecurity threats
  • Capability to secure a wide range of equipment, both legacy and modern
  • Reducing OT threats and risks with zero-trust methods
  • Leveraging the existing OT-IT Convergence model done with Valmet, the upgrade process was smooth