Controllers & I/O

Hardware for Distributed Control Systems

Valmet's controllers and I/O are built for dependable real-time operation, ensuring smooth performance. For mission-critical processes, readily available redundancy options maximize uptime. This adaptable hardware family offers a wide range of options to perfectly fit your specific needs, regardless of your current system. Migration from your existing DCS or PLC is seamless, and Valmet's controllers boast exceptional connectivity to integrate effortlessly with other devices. Furthermore, Valmet's DCS controllers and I/O provide unmatched scalability, so you can easily expand the system's size and functionality as your requirements grow.

Robust and reliable

Our proven DCS hardware is passively cooled and minimizes the need for service. In mission-critical processes, readily available redundancy options maximize uptime.

Fit-for-purpose hardware

The versatile hardware family is ready for operations of tomorrow with low-effort migration. Scale up and boost your process during operations with our modular controllers and I/O.


Valmet's controllers feature a fully hardened Linux OS and every individual component is evaluated. The controllers include a built-in access control and advanced Denial of Service (DoS) detection.

Future-proof and scalable

Valmet DNA & DNAe distributed control systems are based on the same controller, IO, workstation, and server hardware. With a planned system lifecycle, you are ready to unlock your future potential.