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In modern coating machines all the coating drying is done with air dryers. We can prove to you to get the best paper quality and lowest energy consumption with Valmet air dryers. Economical and ecological air dryers can fulfill all the requirements for higher paper quality, lower production costs and improved runnability. Valmet's coating drying selection offers energy efficient drying solutions for all kinds of coating drying needs.

Air drying is an energy-efficient solution for all coating drying


With air dryers, energy efficiency can be up to 80% thanks to high drying rates and effective nozzle technology. Energy savings are 50% compared to infra-red drying since the energy efficiency of infra-red drying is much lower, only 25-35%, which means higher energy consumption and more costs. Air dryers are also environmentally friendly -50% less fuel is burned and CO2 produced.

In addition, air dryers require much less maintenance time and costs and offer higher evaporation capacity. The maintenance savings are remarkable, since there is no need to regularly replace IR bulbs or emitters.

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Replacing gas with electricity

Many paper producers are looking for ways to eliminate the use of fossil fuels in their production. How can this be achieved in coating drying? 

CO2-free coating drying is enabled by using electric heating. A gas burner can be replaced with an electric heater, which can save energy at the same time. When electric heating replaces a gas burner in an air dryer and the process is optimized, energy savings are typically around 10 percent.

Do you want to know more about the electrification of air dryers?

Do you want to know more about the electrification of air dryers?

We have answered frequently asked questions about replacing gas with electricity and infra-red dryers with air dryers.

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