Reliability and performance with over 60 years of valve control experience


Did you know we have a long history in the design and manufacture of Neles™ valve positioners? For over 60 years, we have provided best in class control valves for pulp and paper industry. During the years, we have grown into a global provider of valve controllers for variety of industries. We interviewed Niklas Lindfors, Director, Positioners Product Center, about our journey to becoming a pioneer in positioner manufacturing.

How is Vantaa, Finland significant for NelesTM valve controllers and positioners?

Vantaa is where we have the R&D development, manufacturing department, and also laboratory facilities. It is a core place for Neles valve controller development. We have been developing positioners for over 60 years and now digital valve controllers already 25 years. Of course, our latest outcome is now the Neles NDX™ 2.0 next-generation intelligent valve controller.

What’s special about Neles positioner design and manufacture? Are there any common features for all valve positioner products?

What’s special is that we have the core teams close to each other here in Finland. It has had a positive impact on the development of our valve positioners and also contributed to us being a front runner in digital positioners for decades already.

The journey of Neles valve positioners and controllers

The journey of Neles valve positioners and controllers

The first common feature for all our positioners is reliability. The reliability of the products always comes first. Also, all our digital products are capable of communicating in two directions; in practice this means that our customers have access to our state-of-the-art diagnostics that we have been building as one of the cornerstones of our products. Our products are integrated which means they include features that would many times be produced as several separate devices. All our products have wide capacity range, and they can support many different actuators; our own Neles actuators but also actuators from third parties.

Our Neles positioners can be used in all industries, on big or small, rotary or linear valves; and also on third party valves. We can provide mounting kits for our positioners and valve automation packages, so that we don not only deliver a positioner or an actuator but a ready assembled package.

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