Roll upgrades for tissue machines

Upgrade services improve roll performance

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Upgrade services provide improved roll performance and productivity by applying new innovations into your existing roll base. Valmet modular maintenance solutions such as upgrade services are especially targeted for critical process rolls e.g. suction rolls in tissue production lines.

Better machine runnability

Improved machine efficiency

Extended machine time

Reduced energy consumption

Modular maintenance solutions

Valmet's modular service solutions consist maintenance, reconditioning and upgrade services. Roll upgrades for existing components with modern features enhance performance and productivity in tissue production.

Your nearest service center can provide proper recommendations on which service module is best for you.

Up to 50% water savings with roll upgrade

One example of upgrades is Suction Roll Upgrade Seal Flow. With Seal Flow, it is possible to achieve savings of up to 50% on the water used in the showers (calculated for 6 meter shell length).

Comparison Water consumption l/s/m Water consumption m3/y Annual water cost
Original 0.22 39.500 EUR 39.500
Seal Flow 0.11 19.250 EUR 19.250
Potential annual savings:  EUR ~20,000    



Suction roll upgrades

Valmet Suction Roll Upgrade Seal Flow

  • Uniform axial seal lubrication
  • Minimized re-wetting
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Extended axial seal life
  • Up to 30,000 m3 annual water savings

+1000 deliveries

Valmet Suction Roll Upgrade Shell
Flow H

  • Cleaner shell through holes
  • Maximum dewatering capacity
  • Improved CD moisture profiles
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Up to 85% less water consumption 
  • Up to 6,000 m3 annual water savings, when using for 10 min time period every 8h

+100 deliveries

Valmet Suction Roll Upgrade Lock Seal

  • Reduced power consumption
  • Longer axial seal lifetime
  • Longer shell lifetime
  • Lower axial seal noise
  • Improved moisture profile and less rewetting
  • Up to 10% decreased power consumption
  • CO2 savings 0,14 kg/ton

+900 deliveries

Valmet Suction Roll Upgrade Edge Light

  • Easy vacuum zone (CD & MD) adjustment
  • Improved runnability
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Maximized dewatering

+25 deliveries

Valmet offline axial seal wear and leakage test

  • Measurement of axial seal loading hose air volumes which correlates axial seal wear amount
  • Increased run cycle based on actual seal wear
  • Ideally timed replacement of suction roll axial seal
  • Leakage of loading hoses can be detected
  • Prevented unplanned maintenance
  • No high investment needed for new axial seal system

+ 10 roll measurements

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